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United Concept Solutions was contacted by the CEO of Class Appraisal to produce mortgage related news videos each week. We secured a location and produced HD green screen videos. We had a newscaster read from a teleprompter. We edited, added caption, balanced sound and post the videos to the web each week. This is just one example of many client projects that we have produced video for.

If you have existing videos of your own, we can enhance and edit them for you. If you have a website, we can stream your videos to your website.


Video media can enhance you web presence and make your website more valuable. You can add feature product videos or simply communicate face to face your with your audience. Contact us to day and find out what video media can do for your business.


I had a vision of making mortgage related news each week. We call UCS and they made my vision a reality. A beautiful company to work with! Mark Backone, CEO class appraisal


Mark Backone CEO, Class Appraisal


June 28, 2013

What we made

HD greenscreen videos for Website

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